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What makes Inner Strength unique as a personal training service is the extent to which we focus on the individual holistically.

If the thought is master of the deed then to be properly informed is to be forearmed. At Inner Strength, we don’t just focus on giving your muscles a great workout. We inform you about the proper role of exercise, about how exercise integrates into your system of values and we help you challenge false beliefs that might be keeping you from achieving the level of fitness and vitality you desire and deserve. In other words, we treat the whole individual not just her muscles.

At Inner Strength you will experience an unparalelled workout and be expertly motivated throughout. But that is just where our service starts. In session and between sessions if necessary, we will be there for you to facilitate the changes to your thinking necessary for fitness success. We employ techniques that arise out of philosophic practice, a discipline devoted to helping individuals effect lasting behavioral change through a change in their beliefs and, more fundamentally, in how they think.

No other personal training studio or service that we know of offers this integration of physical training, motivational instruction and behavior modification. At Inner Strength we treat the whole individual because we believe that this holistic approach is essential to our client’s transformation.

Are you ready to effect a lasting transformation? Are you ready to be challenged in mind and body? Then don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today! Call (929) 326-5331 and book your consultation today.

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