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I’m the owner and founder of The Inner Strength Fitness Program in New York City. Teaching is, and always has been my passion. In grade school, I loved explaining the class lesson if my fellow students didn’t understand the teacher’s point. As a teenager, I dreamed of teaching philosophy. I was trained as an academic philosopher at U.C.: Berkeley and the C.U.N.Y.: Graduate Center but I grew disgusted with academia. Having been an avid athlete since the age of 7, I became a certified personal trainer and redirected my love of teaching to instructing clients how to exercise and eat well. Due to my academic background I bring a distinctively philosophical approach to exercise, nutrition and motivation in my work as a personal strength coach. I’ve developed fitness and dietary regimens for hundreds of clients—men and women of all ages and dispositions (i.e., from athletes to couch potatoes).

Teaching my clients how to exercise and motivating them to give their best effort has become my career and a deeply gratifying one at that. As a coach, I am able to teach others how to become masters of their bodies and am provided with the added satisfaction of witnessing the results of my client’s personal transformations within a matter of weeks.

My mission is to continue helping clients transform their bodies with specific, tailored, science-based strength training advice. More then that, I hope to impart to them my enthusiasm for the spiritual qualities associated with the pursuit of strength, vitality and mind/body integration.

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