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Recreating the Gym as a Temple for Concentration

Due to it’s emphasis on meticulous technique, intensity of effort and goal setting, the Inner Strength approach to exercise is a very internal experience. With every session you strive to gain greater technical mastery achieve your goals for that session. The environment in which this striving takes place must facilitate, rather then contradict or hamper, this approach. In other words, the training environment’s form must follow from the functions it serves.

Accordingly, the Inner Strength Fitness studio is truly the gym alternative. The studios are private, luxurious, meditatively quiet, and meticulously clean. Appointments are booked in advance and are timed, and there is never any waiting because we respect how valuable your time is. Working out at an Inner Strength Fitness studio is like visiting a doctor’s office where the doctor is devoted to helping you achieve wellness, not just the absence of some health threatening condition. Unlike many doctor’s appointments however, your session will always start at your allotted time.

You can select from two private training studios in midtown Manhattan or I can provide a personal fitness regimen and training at your home gym. Call (929) 326-5331 for your free consultation today!

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