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When you first come in, we will spend time talking about your goals, any medical issues that may exist and your exercise history. I will inform you about our policies and procedures, the fundamental nature and features of the Inner Strength Program and how they will be individualized to your specific needs.

Afterwards, we will devote the rest of your consultation to an introductory education on how to perform 2-4 basic barbell exercises. The emphasis will not be on creating an exercise challenge so much as on providing the proper instructional foundation for your future success in utilizing the Inner Strength methodology for your fitness goals.


Inner Strength Program clients are free to select from two locations: 133 East 58 Street, Suite 902, 532 Madison Ave. (6th and 7th Floor). If you prefer, exercise instruction can also be arranged to take place in your home or building facility.

The price of sessions varies from $90 to $100 per session depending on how many sessions you purchase in advance.

General Service Policies

  • Sessions are by appointment only.
  • To assure adequate scheduling times a 24-hour cancellation policy is necessary. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be billed for that visit.

Please arrive on time, ready to train and with proper attire in order to get the full benefits of your session.

Refunds are available, less any sessions used and a $250 cancellation fee within 72 hours of your purchase, to all clients who relocate more than five miles from any of our locations, or  with a doctor’s note stating that they can no longer train.  Otherwise and for all other cases, once the fee for our services has been accepted, no refunds are possible.

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