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“Look Better Naked”

Fat loss is most crucially about controlling what and how much you put down your throat. Despite the controversy that exists regarding low-carb and low fat diets (apparently no one’s ever suggested a low protein diet although some vegetarian and fruitarian diets come close) no one has found a way around the laws of thermodynamics. Until they do, you will still have to consume less calories then you expend throughout the day if you are going to lose weight.

But this NYC personal trainer is here to tell you that you don’t just want to lose weight, you want to lose fat weight. Many people are done a disservice by infomercials that advertise diet and exercise programs or supplements which will help you lose pounds overnight. You should ask, “Pounds of what?” You don’t want to just lose water weight because you know you’ll eventually gain it right back. And you certainly don’t want to lose muscle weight. If you want to lose fat weight, and that is the only kind of weight you ought to lose, muscle is your friend.

When you lose excess fat you will look better and feel better in your clothes and that is certainly important. But the benefits of becoming lean are not just skin deep. If you feel good about yourself, you want your body image to reflect your self-image. Becoming lean allows your best, most vibrant self to have outward expression. Although a lean, strong body is not the cause of self-esteem, it contributes to and supports a healthy self-esteem. When it’s an expression of a healthy ego, and not just mere vanity, a lean, strong body expresses the vitality, discipline and integrity that resides within.

Have your body be the outward expression of your healthy self-love.
Call (929) 326-5331 to set up your free consultation today and in just a few weeks you will be looking better naked and feeling vibrant.

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