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“Vitality through Strength”

One of the great regrets of my life was that I was not successful in sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for strength training with my late grandmother. With my mother, my grandmother raised me so I regarded her as my second mother. Alas, she was born in a time and place where exercise was regarded as unfeminine. When she broke her hip two years before she died, I tried in vain to persuade her to exercise and become stronger. Instead, she became increasingly fearful of walking and sedentary. Despite having fought diabetes for decades, the end came quickly and inexorably thereafter. We are designed to move and when she stopped moving, she began dying.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her in some way. It was sad to see her joyful spirit extinguished by the inertia of stillness. But mixed with the sadness of these memories are the joys I’ve known in helping countless older clients achieve a level of vitality, independence and buffer from injury that amazed them and me. Again and again I’ve witnessed the qualitative difference that well designed strength training has achieved in my older clients.

One client came to me with a simple wish: could I help him get sufficiently strong so he could playfully toss his grandchildren in the pool? Another client simply wanted to reach canned goods in her cupboards and carry groceries with a greater measure of confidence that she would not get injured. Still another simply wanted to be strong enough to continue smashing the ball in her tennis matches. I regard the fact that I’ve improved the quality of each of their lives as one of my crowning achievements as a personal trainer.

If you find yourself struggling with the groceries, stairs, stowing carry-on in the overhead compartments or would just like to see yourself playing a sport or attacking each day with greater vigor, call (929) 326-5331 to set up your free consultation with Inner Strength Fitness. As Dylan Thomas exhorts us all: Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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