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“A Rising Tide Raises All Boats”

What if you just want to get better at your chosen sport. Well you’re in luck! The strength you gain from the Inner Strength program is like a tide in that it will raise all boats. When you are stronger, everything you do, from archery to yoga, from baseball to squash, from aikido to running become easier. The muscles are the engines of the body facilitating locomotion of whatever speed and power are required by your specific sport.

“I have been involved in personal training since 1983 as a trainer, manager, and educator, and Francisco is one of the few of the many that I’ve come across that I would have train me if I were the client. I have no reservation about recommending him to anyone considering hiring a trainer, whether it’s for an athlete, the athlete’s parents, or the athlete’s grandparents. Few people, much less personal trainers, have the poise and class that Francisco has; along with the personal training skills. Please feel free to call me at my studio at 609-409-7710 with any questions; but I recommend Francisco without hesitation.”
– Bill DeSimone, Manager, Cardio Fitness Center

Do you doubt that a strength training methodology that emphasizes a controlled motion such as the Inner Strength program, can make you faster and more powerful? Again, don’t take my word for it. Credit physics:

Speed (V) = Total Distance Traveled / Total Time Taken = d/t P (t) = F (t) x V (t)

So regardless of whether we want to generate greater velocity or power, we can do it by maximizing the force our muscles are capable of generating. And we can achieve this any number of ways but the safest and most effective way is to build our muscles’ capacity to generate force by moving against resistance in a controlled manner. You can weight train fast and explosively if you want to become faster and more powerfully explosive but why put your body through the added danger of injury unnecessarily? Isn’t there enough risk of injury associated with practicing and/or competing in your sport?

Take my sport, for instance.

I’ve trained in mixed martial arts (MMA) for years. I’ve competed ten times with a record of 8-2. Prior to that I competed in submission wrestling tournaments and full contact karate contests and I won a large majority of my matches. But the glory didn’t come without a price. I’ve had my fair share of injuries—from torn ACLs to torn rib cartilage and herniated discs. Why on Earth would I want to subject myself to any considerable risk of injury while strength training? I think the answer is obvious. If you want to excel at some sport, devote yourself to practicing it perfectly and copiously.

And if you want to get stronger, more powerful or more enduring for your sport come to Inner Strength Fitness.

“I have done regular weight training with Francisco over the last few years and found his efforts to be highly beneficial. In particular he was able to effectively “custom tailor” his approach to focus on strengthening specific areas that had been impaired by sports related repetitive motion injuries. My overall improvement was dramatic. His close monitoring through diligent record keeping allowed genuine progress to be accurately traced. As an aging life-long squash player I was faced with the compelling need to improve my overall strength capabilities in order to continue playing and reduce the chances of injury. Francisco enabled me to achieve my goals. In particular, I feel strongly that all squash players should undertake this kind of training and that Francisco would be an ideal choice.

In addition to Francisco’s highly sophisticated and time efficient approach to weight-training, his broad and deep knowledge of fitness and health issues generally significantly enhance overall client benefits.”
Peter R. Lasusa, Jr. – Chairman, U. S. Squash

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