Three simple exercises that take less than five minutes

Hi. Im on vacation in Suan Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s a beautiful morning. And I thought I’d show you how to do 3 simple exercises that take less than 5 minutes, before breakfast, between a Kindle reading, whatever. But, no excuses. Here’s a row against a tree. You use your[…] Read More →


The entire holiday season makes me particularly aware of all we have to be grateful for. According to MIT professor Steven Pinker we live in the least violent time in human history. The number of those living in the most abject poverty has been dramatically reduced thanks to advances in[…] Read More →

How to Judge an Exercise or Diet Product

In my last article I was very critical of the use of before/after pics as a method for proving the effectiveness of fitness and diet products/services. My criticism begs the question, however, how can one judge the effectiveness of fitness or diet related claims? That’s a huge subject that can’t[…] Read More →

Personal Trainer Proves that Social Proof Proves Nothing!

Look at the amazing transformation above. How long do you think it took this beautiful young lady to transform her body? How many hours do you think she invested at the gym to sculpt these results? What diet secrets underlie her magical metamorphosis? More importantly ask yourself the following questions:[…] Read More →

Giving thanks for GMOs this Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving feast I enjoyed last night, I want to share one of the many things I was thankful for. I wanted to share this with my visitors because it’s not something that is commonly appreciated in this era governed by the precautionary principle and the[…] Read More →

Fitness Flim Flams, Part 2: A NY Trainer’s Tirade

Have you noticed that a lot of the home workout products require you to move ballistically?  I’ve personally observed many fellow personal trainers asking their clients to exercise in this manner as well.  Why is that?  After all, I thought ballistics was the science that studied the behavior of projectiles.[…] Read More →

Fitness Flim Flams, Part 1: A NY Personal Trainer’s Tirade

If you’ve ever stayed up late watching TV you’ve been bombarded by the fitness infomercial. There are the home workout programs and fancy gadgets that jiggle, shake and shock you into that coveted leanness.  I’m not going to grant these products any free publicity but we all know what I’m[…] Read More →

Time and Exercise, Pt. 2

I remember being fascinated by the age of exploration when I first read about it in grade school. The world back then must have seemed like an O. Henry short story-marvelous discoveries and revelations appeared to be waiting behind every corner. One of the most famous of the Age of[…] Read More →

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men/Go Often Askew.

I was really excited to create this new website and share one of my core passions with the world, but as the words of Robert Burns indicate, I ran into some unexpected obstacles. Those that have gone through the site might have noticed that I’m an avid practitioner of Brazilian[…] Read More →

Time and Exercise, Pt. 1

This is my first blog post ever. Ever since I abandoned the idea of a career in academia, I haven’t written much for public consumption. Instead, I’ve written for myself, to improve my understanding of an issue that was on my mind. Whether they were related to relationships or attempts[…] Read More →