Looking For a Gym Alternative in Manhattan?
  • Exercise in a private studio devoted exclusively to personal training
  • No gym membership, sales pitches, waiting for equipment, blaring music or ogling
  • It's just like a doctor's appointment except you are always seen on time!
Carrying more fat then you’d like?
  • We focus on making you stronger and more firm, not on spending countless hours on cardio equipment
  • We are utterly unique in using the latest behavior modification techniques to help you form healthful long term habits thereby ensuring long lasting results
  • Our goal: help you develop a healthy relationship with all foods and an outcome where you can look in the mirror and just say, "Nice!"
Are you too busy to exercise regularly?
  • I can make you leaner and more fit in as little as 30 minutes per week
  • You can save time by exercising in your work clothes
  • Come in during your lunch break and still have time to eat

Welcome to Inner Strength Fitness-fitness specialists for baby boomers based in Manhattan, NYC. Whether you choose one of our two private personal training studios, a commercial gym or your home gym, we can transform your body and your mind’s relationship to it.

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